Scrapbook Video Tutorial 5-22-09

Here is the first episode of the Scrapbook Tutorials. I was having problems with editing so the video is set to music.

If there is a particular technique your would like to see used leave me a comment.

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Clipboard Kit

Here's a tutorial on how to decorate your clipboard from your clipboard kit.

You can find the Clipboard Kit at My Etsy Store.

Ribbox Instructions

A few people were wondering how to use the Ribbox, the Ribbon Box Storage and organizer. Here is a video that shows how easy it is to use it.

You can find the Ribbox at My Etsy Store.

Making Personalized Crystals and Pearls

I saw this trick used in a couple videos and thought it was such as awesome idea. Instead of spending all your money on all the colors of crystals and pearls you can make your own.

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Scrapbook Terms 5-11-09

I used some of these terms in my last video so I am including them here. Anything that touches your photos should be acid-free and lignin-free, including paper, glue, markers and stickers. If not, your photos will discolor and disintegrate more quickly than they would naturally. Products that are photo-safe will be labeled as such.

Acid Free: Many papers can be considered acid free immediately after manufacture however unless they have been treated with a neutralizing agent, chemical reactions will cause the paper to become acidic over time. Acid causes paper and photos to disintegrate. This aging process is slowed significantly when acid is removed from paper during the manufacturing process.

Lignin Free: Lignin is the natural bonding element which holds wood fibers together. Newsprint contains lignin—you’ll notice how brittle and yellowed a newspaper becomes after just a few days. Like acid, lignin can be removed during processing to make scrapbooking paper safe.

Crop: Cropping is the trimming of a photo to remove unnecessary sections. Cropping should be done to improve a photo. Cropping also allows for more photos to be added to a page.

Mother's Day 2009

Hi Scrapbookers!

Here are some of the projects I made for Mother's Day.
The first one was for my husband's mom and the second was for my sweet momma.


Each one had a special note on the back. I got the wooden letters from Walmart. I painted it, chose the patterned paper, traced the letter on the patterned paper, cut out the letter, glued it on the wooden letter and added the ribbon and other embellishments. As you can see they can stand on a table or shelf. They also have holes on the back that can be used to hang them on the wall. If I get enough requests for a tutorial video I will make one. If you have any questions leave a comment.

Scrapbook Essentials

When you are learning to scrapbook you may get overwhelmed by all the gear, gadgets, and lingo. No worries. Just take it one step at a time. If you have questions or concerns just leave me a comment and I will be glad to help. Here are some videos to help you get started.

Scrapbook Essentials Part 1

If you don't have time to watch the video right now. Here is a list of the basics.

To attach items to your page get a basic adhesive dispenser.

Paper Trimmer
To slice paper and crop photos. Be sure to get one that measures at least 12”.

A quality pair of precision scissors allows you to make smooth cuts.

You can never go wrong having a classic color pen. Pens with black, blue, or brown ink will be used more than a purple or pink pen.

You can’t have a scrapbook page without paper! Buy paper in basic colors, such as black and white card stock. Buy patterned papers too, but try not to go overboard when starting out.

Scrapbook Essentials Part 2

Think of products that are safe

Only purchase materials that are acid-free and lignin-free.

Resist temptation
I have to do that a lot. It’s tempting to buy tons of papers, embellishments, and other products. Take a list of the products you will need for your first few projects and try your best to stick to that list.

Select what excites you
Select papers, stickers and other embellishments that coordinate with the subject, topic, or event that you will be scrapbooking about.

Take your photos to the store
This will help you get what you need and not just what catches you eye. It will also help you in selecting papers and embellishments that match the colors in your pictures.

I hope these videos have been helpful in some way. My next video will be on how to put a scrapbook page together. It will also include a PDF with instructions that you can print out and complete your scrapbook page at your own pace. Just follow keep watching my videos and you’ll be scrapping like a pro in no time!