Update and Giveaway!!

Hey guys,

I know you haven't heard from me for some time and for that I am sorry. I have missed you all very much. I really enjoyed hearing from those of your who sent messages. I am glad you all have still remained followers. So many things were going on, but now I am back and have organized everything so this never happens again.

Over the next few weeks I will share with you various crafts I created for some of the events and celebrations I have been busy with as well as the usual categories I used to post.

There are going to be a few changes to the blog and how it operates.

1. The name of this blog will be changing to "Crop Divas Destination" so please update your subscription information for those of you who follow by RSS feeds. I figured it is not just my crafts on this blog. Some of your work you have shared with me is featured on here too, thus the name change.

2. There are going to be more prizes and giveaways as my way of saying thanks for your loyalty and to encourage you to complete pages with future crop diva challenges. Some times we get stuck in a rut so I want to help so we can all get as many pages as we can done.

3. I am the only designer of this blog so it became quite overwhelming trying to stick to the post schedule of Free SVG Mondays, Free Layout Sketch Wednesdays and Free Friday Scrapbook Tutorial Videos. Instead when I have more time I will add more posts, like some weeks you may get double, even triple post categories.  When I don't have as much time there will be less, but I promise you that there will always be something new posted every week and it won't be me blabbering, it will be something to get you inspired and motivated to be a crop diva.

To get things going again I have a giveaway!! It is this super cool T-shirt. It is 100% cotton and absolutely cute as you can see.  It says "Scrap Queen". Which we all are! This T-shirt size is XL, but if you need a smaller size we can connect after you win.

How you can win?

There are 3 ways to enter the giveaway.
Every one you complete gives you more chances to win. 

. Follow my blog. 

. Leave a comment below this post. 
(Let your voice be heard. As little or as much as you like.)

. Put a link to this post on your blog.
(Leave a comment with the link to your website so I can award your entry.)

Good Luck!!

Reminder: For those of you who follow by RSS feed please update your subscription.  This is the last post that will be posted as www.craftsbyrowena.blogspot.com. The new blog address will be www.cropdivasdestination.blogspot.com. 

Later Crop Divas!

- Let your memories feed your creativity™

FREE Sketch Wednesday #24

Hello Scrapbookers,

With so many celebrations I am once again having trouble choosing the 'special' photographs. They all tell a story or I just like how they look. This is a layout that I will be making into a double layout. I am just going to duplicate this sketch on a second page but will include more journaling in the area where the title information is located on this sketch. Enjoy!

Ta-ta for now - Rowena
Let your memories feed your creativity™

FREE Sketch Wednesday #23

Hello Scrapbookers,

Usually I design my sketches with either all small photographs or all large photographs so in my latest projects I have been playing more with mixing the sizes of photographs where the larger photographs give an overall story of the moment and smaller photos that tell some of the background stories. Enjoy!

Ta-ta for now - Rowena
Let your memories feed your creativity™

FREE SVG Monday: Snow

Hello crafters,

Everywhere I look there are piles of snow. It finally warmed up today - 26 degrees - so some of the snow melted but it did not make much of a difference for the huge piles of snow that has accululated over the major snow we've been having. I finally took the kids to play in the snow and I plan to use today's free SVG to add to my project. I will show you how I prepare mine tomorrow as well as some of my quick and easy crafting tips.

Click here to download your FREE SVG file.

As always, remember to let your memories feed your creativity™.
Ta-ta for now - Rowena

FREE Sketch Wednesday #22

Hello Scrapbookers,
Sometimes when I am trying to complete a project quickly there is a particular layout sketch that I use. I am sharing it with you today. It is not complicated. It is rather simple to duplicate. However, I always end up creating something completely different. I change the orientation, the embellishment, the style. It may be plain or I go totally mad and use various distress techniques to make a one of a kind creation. Enjoy!

Rowena's Quick & Easy Crafting Tip

You have heard me say it before, and it is my crafting tip for today. Over the past few months hopefully you have had the opportunity to be with your family and friends to celebrate the holiday season and the new year. So, let those memories feed your creativity and the possibilities will be endless. You may even surprise yourself. 

I am happy for all of you you follow and support me. I feel very blessed that what I do is creative enough that you keep coming back.

Ta-ta for now - Rowena

FREE SVG Monday: Reindeer

Hello crafters,

While driving a few days ago a deer ran right across the street I was driving on. I have seen deer before but never that up close and I had heard stories of the damage they can cause to a vehicle so I was a little shaken up. Well, I could not get the that deer out of my head. Then inspiration "hit" me! I should design a deer for this week's SVG file but not just any deer - Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. But how would I figure out what he looked like.

Well...since Christmas was over I saw him taking a walk around in the snow in my back yard and as an avid scrapbooker of course I had my camera with me and I just happened to get a photo of him right before he could run off as you can see below. 

Click here to download your FREE SVG file.
This SVG would look absolutely awesome on a scrapbook page.

Rowena's Quick & Easy Crafting Tips

  For dimension and added interest use dimensionals to pop up the antlers instead of just adhering it it with a non-dimensional adhesive.

  You will definitely not be able to add real snow to your projects however, you can make your own snow by tearing some white paper. Tear a set of paper to whatever size you need for your project then place the reindeer in between the two pieces of paper and presto - instant snow!

  According to the size of your project you can cut this SVG at different sizes and have a family of reindeer.

  Use alcohol ink or permanent markers to color your bling, or pearls as in this case, as one way to add the eyes and nose.

As always, remember to let your memories feed your creativity™.
Ta-ta for now - Rowena