Organizing Your Photos

Today we are going to discuss organization. The first thing you need to do when starting scrapbooking is to organize your photographs. If you use a digital camera I suggest using Google’s free photo editing software Picasa to help you get organized. There is a PC and Mac version of the software. Simply go to to download the free software. Here is a video from google that gives some information about Picasa.

When you have organized your photos the next step is to print out the pictures. There are many places you can get your pictures printed. I personally use Shutterfly. When you sign up you get 25 free 4x6 prints and they usually send emails with specials. You can also go to your local Walgreens if you want your prints right away.

Once you have your pictures printed I suggest using a photo sorter to organize your prints. I have tried many different ways to organize but the best way I have found and continue to use is the Creative Memories
Power Sort Mini Box. It holds up to 600 photos and comes with white plastic dividing tabs that you can write on in pencil. Simply erase it when you are done. It is safe for storing your photos unlike cardboard boxes which do not keep them safe.

If you are interested in the sort box email me and I will connect you with my personal Creative Memories consultant Shelley O'Connor. She is awesome!

You can organize your photos according to events (such as holidays or vacations), or in chronological order. I organize my photos in chronological order. In my next post I will discuss the tools and items you need to scrapbook your photos.


  1. Rowena-
    You are awesome!! Love your energy!
    Can't wait to read more and see some of your layouts.

  2. I am going to use this information to help organize all of my photos! Keep up the great work!