You Do Not Need A Huge Scrapbooking Space

I live in a two bedroom apartment so we do not have a lot of space. That does not stop me because you do not need a huge room to scrapbook. Yeah, it would be nice, but don't let that stop you.

Here is a picture of my scrapbooking corner.

This is a corner in my son's room. It is fun because I get to see him while I scrapbook. He loves helping me push bottons on my cricut expression and he always wants to turn the handles on my xyron machines. Don't know what a cricut expression or xyron machine is? Don't worry you'll know everything about scrapbooking real soon. Well...almost everything. There are new products and techniques coming out all the time. Don't let that scare you though, that's what makes it fun!

In my next post I will include some information on scrapbooking according to Rowena. I will share some photo organization tips to help you get started.

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