FREE Sketch Wednesday #9

Hello Scrapbookers!

It's Wednesday so it's time for another FREE layout sketch. This layout has three photographs and lots of space for journaling. Enjoy!

Submitted by Tamara
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Submitted by Kerry
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If you create a scrapbook page with this layout sketch send me the image link and I will include it in this post. If you would like to get updates whenever I post something new subscribe or follow my blog.


  1. Whoo Hoo! I'm on top of it today! I have been in such a mood to scrap lately. When I saw your sketch, I knew exactly what i wanted to do with it. So here it is!



  2. Hi Rowena!

    I used this sketch in my blog tonight. Just thought I'd let you know that I gave you full credit for the layout - because I love your work! The link is here...
    Thank you for sharing your talent!